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F2 Series of speed-adjustable dual-axle rotary and blade distributor
Patentn No:ZL033176086This is a new model of fast mixing and distribution equipment, especially suitable for mixing and distributing materials accessory to very high stickiness.        Characteristics:
  • Stringed plates on dual-axle ensures fast mixing and distribution.
  • Rotary blade unit inside the cylinder prevents the mixture from sticking to the wall and ensures thorough distribution.
  • Speed-adjust unit makes it easy to change speed.
  • Cooling system in the secret compartment of the bucket provides effective protection for temperature -sensitive materials.
  • Currently available for customers to choose from the mechanical lift and hydraulic lift.
  • User-friendly service vehicle accessory to the machine eases laborintensity.

ModelPower(KW)Capacity(L)lift distance(mm)BL*W*Ht(mm)

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